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Sayulita is a easy going town on the Mexican west coast just north of Puerto Vallarta. People drive around in golf cars with surfboards on the roofs. Or they walk barefoot and drink beer or green smoothies or both. Mexican cowboys mix with american tourists, surfers and bohemic yogis. Plastic are more or less banned and the food is mostly organic. It’s a small paradise. How can it not when there is… Läs mer

Yoga. You don’t go anywhere. You stay on the yoga mat and travel inwards. You breathe, you concentrate. You meet your body and things you maybe forgot about. Things that were important. To be able to remember what is important you have to stop moving, stop running with your mind and body. The movement and procrastination will take too much of your focus, and you will not see what is underneath the… Läs mer

I have pushed limits for so long it’s become a second nature, a habit. It’s fun, developing, thrilling – yes, but sometimes it’s also exhausting. My mind is in one hundred different pieces. Maybe it’s a disorder. Because I cannot say no when a challenge comes up. As soon as I hear or think ”I don’t know if it can be done”, then of course I have to try. Because there’s is… Läs mer

Vi sitter 9 stycken på rad, i 11 rader. Vi sitter på sanden, under skydd av ett plåttak stött av betongpelare. Alla är tysta. Alla blundar. Inuti var och ens huvud pågår en kamp som bara kan utkämpas själv. Några kommer inte klara det. Tio dagar i tystnad. Meditation. Vi sover på betongsängar med träkuddar, nära naturen. Går upp klockan 4 varje morgon. Mediterar. Yoga i en och en halv timme. Omgivna… Läs mer