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Patagonia. There was magic in the air. I inhaled it and it will stay with me forever. And I will have to go back. The place made such a big impression I’m still overwhelmed. So I might have to go back just to check it again – and take more photos. And climb more mountains. I have been climbing since I was 14 years old, and suddenly I felt like a child… Läs mer

I slipped into the kayak as I slip into a pair of soft jeans. I was closer to the sea. I paddled out, even closer. It was quiet and peaceful. I was happy. But something was different. It took a while before I realized what it was; the sea didn’t smell like sea. It smelled of flowers. The islands in the Swedish archipelago are blooming with flowers of colours and fragrances. I… Läs mer

I’m rarely nervous when I’m about to freedive. But suddenly my belly was full of butterflies. I was about to step into a tiny typical philippino boat without a engine that would take us out to the whalesharks. They told us there would be at least 5 of them. Maybe up to 15. And I thought one would be more than enough. How am I going to react to 5 whalesharks at… Läs mer