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It seems so simple. Take a breath of air and dive as deep as you want into the ocean. But you have to make it back up to the surface, and you have to stay calm. You will be alone. You will meet your doubts, strengths and all of your mind in one single dive. So freediving isn’t that simple. Neither is teaching freediving. You’ll have as many different courses as there… Läs mer

There is something about living in small spaces. Maybe that’s where adventures happen; tents, tree houses, house boats and camper vans. The less space to live in, the less to take care of, and the more time spent outdoors on adventures. Me and my boyfriend found a opportunity to get away, and we did. Spending as little time as possible travelling to a surfable and somewhat warm ocean we chose Portugal. They… Läs mer

Translation in English below the photos Det här är en enkel expedition. Det handlar om något så härligt enkelt som att göra mer av det man gillar, dela det med andra, och ge tillbaks till det man gillar. Jag älskar/gillar stand-up-paddling, västkusten, havet och min pojkvän. (Inte nödvändigtvis i den ordningen). 
Det här är en kombination av alla de sakerna; Vi ska paddla SUP’a och fridyka, fotografera, tälta och hjälpa havet genom… Läs mer

Yesterday I took a new Swedish record in freediving! Freediving is a strange sport. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s very hard. My depth wasn’t ”deep” by my normal standards. It wasn’t even in the discipline or world record I set out for. But it’s one one of my best records ever because I stayed and fought for it. 3 times I looked at flight tickets away from here. 100 times I just… Läs mer

This text is about what it feels like to do what I’m doing in the photo. It’s called a “hang” in freediving terms. You slowly pull yourself down, stay a while on a certain shallow depth, then return to the surface. It’s one of my favourite type of freedives. But this one was special. It was what I like to call “a near life experience”, where I felt so fully alive. Do… Läs mer

I live with passion, but I have a passion-problem. I am one of the world’s deepest freediving women soon to be in a freediving competition, and I can’t freedive deep anymore. I’m in Bahamas in one of the best places to dive deep and compete. But every time I try my body says no. I did a fairly easy dive to 99m late last year. The world record is 101m. I tried… Läs mer

As usual when travelling with my best friend Akim, I have no idea what’s waiting. Being with him is always an adventure. First I thought we were going to train in Bali, when suddenly the Philippines appeared to be better, deeper. And there is a great freediving center there. All I knew of the Philippines is that it’s warm and nice. Which is really enough. It’s not only about the warm weather…. Läs mer

I’m rarely nervous when I’m about to freedive. But suddenly my belly was full of butterflies. I was about to step into a tiny typical philippino boat without a engine that would take us out to the whalesharks. They told us there would be at least 5 of them. Maybe up to 15. And I thought one would be more than enough. How am I going to react to 5 whalesharks at… Läs mer

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.” ~Ajahn Chah Freediving is like meditation; it’s not so much about acquiring something, but getting rid of something. Freediving is about letting go of most things and holding on to some. If you freedive with a lot of expectations of how it will be, or what you… Läs mer

If you ask me how I am I will usually answer that I’m ok, even if I’m not. Why? I don’t believe in complaining. I think complaining is a negative waste of time and rarely solves anything. Since I  don’t  complain or post ugly photos on facebook, from an outside point of view, It looks like I’m living a dream-life. And don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live any other… Läs mer

You have to dive deep. There’s no other way to get that smile on your face. What’s deep? it’s up to you. Whatever you think is deep will make you smile when you get there. The thing is: You have to be brave, you have to face the depth and yourself to get there, you have to be determined. Something will happen during the minutes you dive. A few minutes in normal… Läs mer

One thought is sometimes all it takes. One thought can change everything. I heard one of those thoughts a few days ago again during training. I was freediving down towards the deep blue, freefalling into the void, eyes closed. I was ok. But then I heard it. I never know where it starts; from the discomfort in the mind or emotion of expected weakness in the body from being sick, but it’s… Läs mer

One of my best teachers in life is this sport. It’s harsh, putting the truth right in my face.  Every dive is a small adventure. There’s nowhere to hide. If you want to dive deeper it’s all up to you to see it and handle it. Freediving is a strange sport. It’s small enough to not have much research done on training methodology. No one really knows what’s the best way to… Läs mer

It was one of the last dives in Dahab. I closed my eyes as I left the surface behind. Somehow it made the water more soft against my face. I heard all the sounds of the sea, as if closing my eyes made the other senses stronger. The sound of blue hole is special, unlike the sound of other places in the sea. I can hear some bubbles from faraway scubadivers. I… Läs mer

From the outside it looks like I just died. I arrived lifeless to the surface. Blue lips. Pale face. Eyes rolled upwards. I wasn’t breathing. Not moving. It might seem like a near-death, near drowning experience. Maybe filled with anxiety and fear of dying. It wasn’t. I didn’t almost die. It’s more than two weeks ago it seemed like I died. Yesterday I got to see some photos of myself as lifeless… Läs mer

There’s a Swedish saying of “having too much water above one’s head”. Unfortunately it’s one of my favourite mistakes. I had one good first try at taking the world record. Made 131m down, but not all the way up.  Then I had some hard training in being patient. For five days in a row I woke up ready to dive, only to be let down by hard wind and waves. Reloading every… Läs mer

If I didn’t know better, I’d take it personally. For the two months I’ve been here it’s never been as windy as during the record attempt days. Today one rope to the platform broke because of wind and current. I’m currently watching 3 different weather reports. I think Andrea at Freediving world is also praying to the weather gods. But it’s as if the wind is laughing me in the face saying ”muahahaha, try to dive… Läs mer

One look at the waves was really enough. The wind pulled at our clothes, but we stayed. Just looking at the sea in silence. As if the watching of the waves could by willpower make them smaller. I would have loved to go for the world record attempt today. I’m sure I would have made my dive. But there’s no use complaining about the weather. It will always be what it is…. Läs mer

Känslan i kroppen är helt olik alla andra känslor. Varje andetag är plötsligt så uppenbart. Så närvarande. Jag tittar fascinerat på magen som rör sig upp och ner med varje utandning. Känslan i bröstet. Jag ligger på rygg och vilar efter ett väldigt djupt fridyk. Jag kan nästan känna hur blodet forsar runt i kroppen. Det kittlar lite i fingertopparna. Återhämtning. Det händer något där nere på djupet. Något magiskt. Något som… Läs mer

Att få glida ner i havet igen är som att komma hem. Fridykningen har helt tagit över min kropp och mitt sinne. Jag fridyker på dagarna och drömmer om fridykning på nätterna. När jag vilar efter träningspass så gungar allt omkring mig, som om jag fortfarande är i havet. Allt jag gör under dagen; äter, vilar, jobbar, håller andan, andas, stretchar och övar – allt bara för att fridyka djupare. För att få… Läs mer