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They will grab hold of every part of you, into the smallest cell and memory. They change your life and they don’t let go as you try to leave them behind. There is something very special about the Himalayan mountains. It’s an experience that lasts a lifetime. Before the trip I thought of it as ‘just a job’. Sure I love my guide job, Nepal and the mountains and my friends there,… Läs mer

‘In the mountains you have to be hard, in the ocean you have to be soft’ – one of the top freedivers in the world told me once in broken Russian accent. I don’t agree. You have to be flexible in both places to survive. The mountains can make you hard, if you don’t watch out. They can also make you stronger. They can prove to you that you are so much… Läs mer

It’s all about people. Knowing more than half the people in the group, I knew it would be a good one. I know that people affect each other. If they are all mostly optimistic with a flexible mindset, it will be a great group dynamic. If they have a great inspiring leader it gets even better. That leader is my great friend Chhiring Dorje Sherpa. He was the guide. I was the… Läs mer

Patagonia. There was magic in the air. I inhaled it and it will stay with me forever. And I will have to go back. The place made such a big impression I’m still overwhelmed. So I might have to go back just to check it again – and take more photos. And climb more mountains. I have been climbing since I was 14 years old, and suddenly I felt like a child… Läs mer

En Kilimanjaro-expedition börjar inte på Kilimanjaro. Den börjar långt innan. Egentligen börjar den när du bestämt dig för att åka. Sedan kommer träningen, alla tankar och förberedelser, packning och utrustning. Men min favoritdel av en expedition, förutom träningen, är kvällen innan. Jag älskar att packa ryggsäcken. Jag älskar att aningens stressat precis hinna avsluta uppgifter, skicka iväg några brev, svara på mail och sedan sätta på autosvar. Jag älskar känslan av att… Läs mer