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There is something about living in small spaces. Maybe that’s where adventures happen; tents, tree houses, house boats and camper vans. The less space to live in, the less to take care of, and the more time spent outdoors on adventures. Me and my boyfriend found a opportunity to get away, and we did. Spending as little time as possible travelling to a surfable and somewhat warm ocean we chose Portugal. They… Läs mer

There is something about the warm air against the skin. One of the yoga-students got laughed at when she said ‘I can feel my body!’ A guy replied ‘Did you have to go to Nicaragua to feel your body?’ It might be the warm air against the skin. Or everything else that is so good about this place, the people and new friends, the yoga and the surf. I might have gotten… Läs mer

I love travelling. And I think travelling loves me to. My love for travelling is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what it puts me through. I can do however many flights with stale air, dry airplane-food servings followed by long passport controls. I never get bored. I love the flow of people, the mix of nationalities of being on the way, the movement and the stillness in one. Although I am concerned by… Läs mer