At first I had named it ‘discipline week’ and thought of it with some harshness and squinty eyes, as if going into a bootcamp. It was the week extra I had to stay in Indonesia as my boyfriend had to go back earlier to work and take care of the dog. As I really didn’t have any business at home in the cold and my family was away, I might as well… Läs mer

Ever since I heard of their existence, I wanted to meet them. Ever since then I built up expectations. It was a long time ago, and many things changed in the lives of the sea gypsies, and in the world. If we´d arrived 7 years earlier there wouldn´t have been any mobile phones in the village. Maybe not even electricity for a few hours every day. I don´t remember how long they… Läs mer

Those words are ture both for the actual travel, and for life itself. Luggage can be many different things. It can be memories, difficult experiences, stories we keep telling ourselves as well as owning a lot of things. If you have a heavy load of experiences you haven’t processed but just pushed away you might have a kind of spiritual heaviness. If you have done someting bad and not forgiven yourself for… Läs mer

‘Come home immediately’, one e-mail said. Maybe jokingly, but friendly. I have seen the volcano far away. I have seen the dramatic newspaper headlines, and they don’t match. Yes, people are stranded because the airport is closed. But is it chaos? No. The disaster headlines in the online news are made to gather ‘clicks’. It makes it very hard for us to know what to believe, and what to spend our precious… Läs mer

It seems so simple. Take a breath of air and dive as deep as you want into the ocean. But you have to make it back up to the surface, and you have to stay calm. You will be alone. You will meet your doubts, strengths and all of your mind in one single dive. So freediving isn’t that simple. Neither is teaching freediving. You’ll have as many different courses as there… Läs mer

They will grab hold of every part of you, into the smallest cell and memory. They change your life and they don’t let go as you try to leave them behind. There is something very special about the Himalayan mountains. It’s an experience that lasts a lifetime. Before the trip I thought of it as ‘just a job’. Sure I love my guide job, Nepal and the mountains and my friends there,… Läs mer

It’s been the usual’ before a expedition: Preparation. Times my great 10 participants. Times 10 more experiences! We’ve had a busy day in Kathmandu and now we’re leaving to do one of the world’s most spectacular flights; Kathmandu to Lukla at 2800m to start one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. We are all looking forward to change the smog and stuffy air towards the thin fresh air higher up…. Läs mer

My whole world is moving. The boat is shivering as waves crash against the steel of the hull. Sometimes my fingers are pulled away from the laptop by a big wave or gust of wind movement. I look out through the window to see the waves. As I’m sitting in the livingroom couch I feel the whole boat coming to life underneath me. My hearing has become better. I hear every new… Läs mer

There is something about living in small spaces. Maybe that’s where adventures happen; tents, tree houses, house boats and camper vans. The less space to live in, the less to take care of, and the more time spent outdoors on adventures. Me and my boyfriend found a opportunity to get away, and we did. Spending as little time as possible travelling to a surfable and somewhat warm ocean we chose Portugal. They… Läs mer

Det kändes faktiskt så, som om jag hade nya ögon. De var känsligare än innan. Vind och luft upplevdes på ett nytt sätt när det inte satt en kontaktlins i vägen. Jag tror att min pojkvän blivit trött på all information om hur annorlunda världen ser ut. Inte för att något förändrats i min inställning eller världen utanför, utan allt som förändrats var min hornhinna! :) Det är idag exakt 3 veckor… Läs mer

I listened to a inspiring TED-talk from a psychologist. He talked about not being a ‘real doctor’, because he didn’t work with the illnesses of the body. Psychology is a relatively new science, but still there is not as common to talk about illnesses of the mind, or ‘mental hygiene’. We care a lot about having a healthy body, but less about having a healthy mind. We talk about the causes of stress,… Läs mer

Jag har bitvis levt i en suddig värld. Morgonar innan kontaktlinserna satts i är jag inte riktigt vaken, och om jag ändå gett mig ut ser jag inte ansikten och skyltar utan allt är suddigt i kanterna. Långa flygresor har jag istället använt glasögon som förlagts och gått sönder titt som tätt. Så äntligen var det dags att förändra allt det där. Inom hälsopsykologi pratar man om att det man fokuserar på… Läs mer

There is something about the warm air against the skin. One of the yoga-students got laughed at when she said ‘I can feel my body!’ A guy replied ‘Did you have to go to Nicaragua to feel your body?’ It might be the warm air against the skin. Or everything else that is so good about this place, the people and new friends, the yoga and the surf. I might have gotten… Läs mer

This blog post is the result of a question I got after a presentation at IKEA. I’m in the end of a half-crazy motivational speaking race. For several weeks I have planted daily seeds of adventure, inspiration and new ideas in minds all over Sweden. Sometimes our sessions end with question and answer sessions. I happily listen to new and interesting questions. Yesterday a man said he’d really like to challenge himself,… Läs mer

It’s part of the Swedish heritage to do your duty and ‘work hard’.  Maybe it’s also part of our western culture. We should be busy and stressed. And happy. And good looking. And trying saving the world. With everything that should be done, we need to keep busy. It seems somewhat trendy to answer the ‘how are you-question’ with a sigh and ‘Oh, I’m so busy’. Busyness today might look like a symbol of achievement and… Läs mer

2 1/2 day without speaking . Amongst other exercises all of 60 persons were sitting together through a 3-course dinner in silence. The only sound heard was the cutlery against the porcelain and it’s never been that loud before. The food has so much more taste when you notice that you are eating and focus on the flavour. When you become quiet, you will hear much more. Not only sounds on the outside,… Läs mer

Life had a heavy theme the last days. Getting back to Sweden was getting back to sorrow and sadness for the passing of my grandmother. She was 95 years strong, but slowly fading away. As it was a constant dark curtain in the back of my mind since a few weeks, it was at it’s heaviest during yesterday’s funeral. When a coffin is out in the open and we are asked to… Läs mer

We both noticed the difference. It was easier to breathe and we had another sense of calm. The wonderful simplicity of island life goes deeper than just a visit. The closer to nature, the bigger the sense of peace. Living in a treehouse, feeling the wind through the gaps in the wood and hearing the ocean below was the ultimate mix of elements. A photo of the tree house suddenly showed up in… Läs mer

As I finished my first real book last year it is as if I ran out of words to write. The hours and minutes of writing every day have been spent on answering e-mails. The flow of e-mails sometimes seems endless! But it’s not just spending time writing e-mails, it’s life passing. I like to think that every hour of life matters. Allowing hours and days just passing without meaning seems like… Läs mer

‘In the mountains you have to be hard, in the ocean you have to be soft’ – one of the top freedivers in the world told me once in broken Russian accent. I don’t agree. You have to be flexible in both places to survive. The mountains can make you hard, if you don’t watch out. They can also make you stronger. They can prove to you that you are so much… Läs mer