Review of the new Olympus TG6 adventure camera

I have been an ambassador for Olympus cameras since I started diving 20 years ago. Their cameras and underwater housings was the best and most affordable way to take great photos underwater. When I decided to take on mount Everest, the 7 summits and deeper freediving I partnered with Olympus as it’s the only camera than can follow me on my adventures.

I have used a variation of the ‘tough’ cameras which are compact and small, and very tough. I have managed to break only one (10 meter fall from a rock). Another one sadly dissapeared into the depth during a freediving incident. I love the toguh cameras as they are small enough to always bring. Yes, you can always bring your phone and take photos, but I don’t like to have my phone with me all the time, and it can’t handle rain, freezing temperatures, a 2 meter drop, 15 meter depth or 100 kg of pressure.

The tough cameras also has a few changeable lenses. In my opinion the best chance to get good photos underwater is to use a wideangle lens. That way you can get closer to your object and not get all the particles in the way. The TG-6 has a few new underwater modes which are great! It can shoot in RAW format, and the screen has got better viewing performance. The lens is stronger in low light and it can shoot 4K and 120 fps full HD video.

I have had the camera for a few weeks and tried it out in various adventures. Here’s a few samples:

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