Travelling by 3 wheels, sail and trains

I’m halfway on a 12 hour trainride to Norway and Naerødalen. I have saved up work especially for this trip. 20 answered e-mails later and halfway through a book I find I finally have time to write a new blogpost.

I haven’t had much time to write as I have been busy working or sorting out my houseboat and my transportation. As I still don’t have a drivers licence (and will probably keep putting it off) I mostly travel by bus or bike. I have had a fantastic electric 3-wheel cargo moped  (‘flakmoped’ in Swedish) that I din’t know what was wrong with (until a kind soul told me to check the supposably well working batteries). I had to transport heavy and bulky things and a dog, so I thought of buying another used electric cargo moped. Or should I buy a new one? What is more sustainable? A used one that will last a couple of years, or a new one that will last longer, but add to consumerism?

Suddenly the perfect option showed up, a not too old, but still used one! I quickly went to get it and have been riding it in silence since then. As I got time to fix my old one I now have two working electric bikes! I’m selling my old beautiful blue one on ‘blocket’.

Next project is to put solar panel on the cargo space of the moped.

The money from the old one will go towards another fantastic buy; a old sailboat!
I did sail some 15 years ago and forgot how wonderful it was. Until mom and me did a sailing course. As I left I felt I needed more time on the ocean with the wind in the sails. Me and 4 more (!) people teamed up on buying a boat together. There’s no need to own a boat you’ll use seldom by yourself. Unfortunately the wind have been howling and we haven’t been able to use the boat just yet.

As I’m on the way to Norway it will have to wait another few days. I’m going to do a photoshoot for Bergans in what the photographer says is a feel-good photoshoot. Photoshooting with Hans-Kristian Krogh-Hanssen and Bergans always means beautiful locations (most of Norway apart from the cities) so I always take a lot of photos too! This time I only brought my Olympus OM-D EM1 with a fixed 17mm lens which will be a fun challenge. I guess I’ll have time to write a blogpost about Naerøydalen with photos on the way back.

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