Behind the scenes of a photoshoot for Bergans

It’s been a good day in the mountains when you descend in darkness at 11 pm in the light of a headlamp. We stood up at 5 am the same day to spend a full day on the rocks, snow and ice. Photoshooting for Bergans is not about being in a studio – we’re out there for real having a great adventure as well as making great photos. That’s why the climb took about twice the time. The fantastic photographer Hans-Kristian Krogh-Hanssen keeps finding magic spots where we just have to stay for a while. As a photographer I sneaked in a few photos as well :) We we’re in last summers dream team (from Lofoten) with Sigurd Felde, a superguide and nice person. I was in awe of the amazing views and sceneries of Norway, almost wishing I was Norweigan :)

This time we were in Hurrungane hoping to climb Storen (The Big One), Norway’s 3’rd highest mountain towering beautifully over the valley. As we came up to the first ridge there were winds looking like 10-12 m/s on the ridge. It would be a crazy cold climb and not great photos. I guess I should have been dissapointed, but there’s just no way to be dissapointed when you are in such amazing surroundings with great people. We just chose the mountain ‘next door’ which was covered in sunshine and offered a nice ridge and traverse climb. Then the sun went away and it got cooold! It was my first august-snow and my Everest-frost-bitten fingers quickly reminded me of that summer is over. The trick is to not stand still for too long – which was no problem! And of course, we had the best clothes in the world to keep us warm ;)

We got a few wonderful days with sunshine, rain, snow and ice. Here are a few photos of what it can look like in front of and behind the scenes. I’m so grateful for the job I have!

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  1. Fantastiska vyer och bilder.Kul att man kan hitta glaciärer en tid till. Har själv varit mycket i bergen i Norge. Jag kände som jag levde med er i miljöerna. Toppen. Grattis alla som får uppleva detta.. Var själv en gång på Kebs sydtopp när tempen ändrades 20gr på bara några minuter när solen tittade fram och molnen snabbt skingrades. Vilken upplevelse.

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