Freediving on Maldives Dhigurah photoblog

In the midst of snow and rain in Lofoten I finally made time to go through photos from a much warmer place.
1500 photos have turned into a few hundred. Below are some favourites + a short movie.

I can warmly recommend you to go to Dhigurah because it’s a local island and you’ll support local families and get a ‘real’ experience rather than going to a ‘resort-island’. This trip was organized by having TME-retreats and Island divers lovely support on-site.

2 kommentarer på “Freediving on Maldives Dhigurah photoblog

  1. Vilka häftiga bilder från Maldiverna – verkar vara ett ställe man vill åka till :)
    Jag borde gå på fotokurs hos dig =)

  2. Oförglömlig vecka på en fantastisk plats.

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