The less luggage you have, the easier it is to travel.

Those words are ture both for the actual travel, and for life itself. Luggage can be many different things. It can be memories, difficult experiences, stories we keep telling ourselves as well as owning a lot of things. If you have a heavy load of experiences you haven’t processed but just pushed away you might have a kind of spiritual heaviness. If you have done someting bad and not forgiven yourself for it, it can also be a very heavy load to carry. Maybe a lightweight mind is a happy mind, at least for a while. as long as we’re human there will always be ups and downs.

So what’s to gain from travelling with less luggage?
– More freedom. A feeling of lightweightness.

It works in real life, and while Iäm in the midst of travelling right now. We’ll be away for about 7-12 weeks depending on circustrances with only a 40L backpack each – and a surfboard. The baggage is including a freediving equipment, underwater camera housings and a ipad with keybord for writing on. It doesn’t leave much room for clothes and the rest. It makes it a lot easier to choose clothes everyday. I also need to be able to do a simplified workut every other day aswell as yoga. Yoga mats are big and clumsy, even the travel ones. I reasearched a bit and found that the most lightweight alternative was a yoga towel. It gets sticky when moist and can be put on any floor. I also brought a rubber band for resistance training. So far I love it. What can be troublesome with having only a few things, is small details like loosing the only pair of socks I brought. :-)

If you are interested this is what my minimum packing looks like. All is packed into lightweight Exped packbags and backpacks.

Miminum amount of clothes:

– 1 full set of rain clothes gear. The most lightweight from Bergans

– 1 Merino wool sweather from Devold for cold nights

– 1 pair of long pants

– 1 pair of long tights

– 2 pair of shorts

– 3 tank tops

– 2 t-shirts

– 1 long and short dress

– 5 bikinis/underwear

– 1 rashguard

Additional need-to-haves;

– Leaatherman tool

– Kinesiotape

– Triggerball

– Minimum amount of conditioner/sunlotion to refill on the way.

Technichal and freediving gear;

– Beauchat semi long fins

– Cressi nano mask

– Lightweiht snorkel

– Olympus OMD camera with 8mm and 12-42 mm lenses

– Olympus tough camera

– Battery pack

– Ipad mini

– Mini bluetooth keyboard

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  1. Det låter mycket spännande!
    Varför inte yoga helt utan matta?

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