Adventures in a Airbnb van

There is something about living in small spaces. Maybe that’s where adventures happen; tents, tree houses, house boats and camper vans. The less space to live in, the less to take care of, and the more time spent outdoors on adventures. Me and my boyfriend found a opportunity to get away, and we did. Spending as little time as possible travelling to a surfable and somewhat warm ocean we chose Portugal. They recently had a money-back campaign if you didn’t get any waves.

We got waves – and wind. A north atlantic storm slowly made it’s way over Europe and our surf. We tried hiding in corners of the country and did quite well. We went south and west.I’ve half owned a surfer van before and slept in other RV’s and am very much at home with small spaces. When the purple/pink van showed up on airbnb it was a given choice! Driving the van was a bit of a workout and we wanted to spend most time outdoors, so we kept the driving to a minimum.

It’s extremely effective, fun and amazing to be able to sleep well in your vehicle. Transport and accomodation in one! All you have to do is to pack simply and keep order in the van. It wasn’t the most easy-to-keep-in-order van as there wasn’t many compartments for stuff.  The owner agreed he could do better but hadn’t had time. We had a gas stove for cooking, a freezer box for ice and fresh groceries, a mobile phone charger, a table and chairs and a camping shower. We brought surfboards, freediving gear and a minimum amount of clothes. As for caring about the carbon footprint, it’s better to use one of the newer RV’s or vans or one with low fuel consumption, and you can use diesel or alkylate gas to improve it.

Here is a few unsorted photos from the trip:
The photos are taken with the Olympus OMD-EM5 and Olympus Tough TG5

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