Feeding your mind as well as your body

I listened to a inspiring TED-talk from a psychologist. He talked about not being a ‘real doctor’, because he didn’t work with the illnesses of the body. Psychology is a relatively new science, but still there is not as common to talk about illnesses of the mind, or ‘mental hygiene’. We care a lot about having a healthy body, but less about having a healthy mind. We talk about the causes of stress, when stress is usually a cause in the mind. How we handle important things like stress and defeat, loneliness and pain happens in the mind rather than in the body.

As we try to feed our bodies better food, we could try to feed our minds with better food aswell. Maybe you have noticed how some foods and some events affect your mind. Maybe you have noticed what happens in your mind when you feed it facebook, endless bad news and gossip. How does your mind feel when you bring it into the forest, ocean or mountains?

I guess it starts with awareness. Being more aware of how your mind works, and how it affects your daily life. How can you affect your mind? What you do want to feed it? That is food for thought. :)

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