Confessions of a optimistic blogger

As I finished my first real book last year it is as if I ran out of words to write. The hours and minutes of writing every day have been spent on answering e-mails. The flow of e-mails sometimes seems endless! But it’s not just spending time writing e-mails, it’s life passing. I like to think that every hour of life matters. Allowing hours and days just passing without meaning seems like a waste of life, so why not decide to make better use of time. Why not answer e-mails more efficiently! I believe it’s good to ask yourself what is meaningful and how do you really want to spend your life?

I explain the lack of writing with a lack of passion. I’m hugely driven by passion. In my life passion is the same as energy. It’s a privilege to live by passion. When I truly want to do something there is never a lack of energy. The thing is you have to make time to allow for passion to happen. If your schedule every day is packed with tasks and missions there might not be time to find passion of even realise what is your passion?

I love to do lots of things and I especially love my job. When I get asked to work more I optimistically always say’ YES!’ It sounds like fun and good work and I can fit it in somehow. Suddenly there is no more time left. It’s not always great to be optimistic. But now I’m going to get better at planning for space. There will be ‘empty’ days in my calendar to feed passion, write, go on adventures and keep working on my houseboat. I’ll write more again. I have ideas for a new book waiting to be sent to my favourite publisher at Bonnier!

I’m now in Bali with a mix of work, research and free time to surf, yoga and freedive. If you want to see photos, check out my instagram

Here is a small update of things coming up that might interest you:

  • Me and Cecilia Duberg is teaching another mini silent retreat in LOKA brunn spa 10-12 march.
    There is still a few places left.
  • I will be visiting ‘Söndagsmorgan’ in p4 19’th March to talk about adventures and life philosophy
  • I have still been writing essays and chronicles. The biggest newspaper in the west of Sweden have me writing at least once a month, and it’s obviously appreciated it’s become a book by itself. (also available as e-book).
  • I’m now guiding and teaching freediving with I Am Water Ocean Travel. Next trip is freediving with Mantas in Bali in June.
  • I’ll be teaching freediving courses on the Swedish westcoast this summer, as well as organized beach-clean ups or freedive-clean-ups. Will update you with dates in a months time or so.
  • There will be a ‘insta-hike’ cooperation with Olympus where you can join a hike on the westcoast and get photo and camera tips.
  • In October I’m guiding a hike/climb in Nepal to Everest base camp as well as climbing Island peak. I’m gudiding for Expeditionsresor  and there is 1 space left. More info here!


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