Antarctica – like landing on the moon

there was almost too many impressions in one day. First the luck of flying out in a weather window, inside a russian freight airplane. Then landing on blue ice. Anarctica. Stepping out of the plane in the big altitude boots, thickest down jacket and goggles was like stepping onto a new planet, not knowing how the ground would feel under the feet. Icy col and very slippery we all shuffled around with both eyes and mounths wide open. We all looked like small people on the moon.

Then we temporarily met the union glacier camp with all its luxuries before next weather window allowed us to fly a twin otter to basecamp. This is where it starts for real. And it got cold for real. This is a new kind of cold. It ‘s biting into the skin a diesn’t let go. I’m already having trouble with my fingers. As the sun is also extremely strong you have to keep the face covered all the time.

The sun is up 24 hours and it’s really really bright. It’s different from anything else. And its absolutely beautiful. I find myself over and over again just staring into the white silent void, all the time changing with light, wind and clouds. Forecast says strong winds higher up so we might try to reach low camp tomorrow!

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  1. Så fint det ser. Enda kontinenten som jag inte varit på. En dag så…

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