What it’s like to always push the limits, and the importance of yoga

I have pushed limits for so long it’s become a second nature, a habit. It’s fun, developing, thrilling – yes, but sometimes it’s also exhausting. My mind is in one hundred different pieces.

Maybe it’s a disorder. Because I cannot say no when a challenge comes up. As soon as I hear or think ”I don’t know if it can be done”, then of course I have to try. Because there’s is no knowing if it can be done, until it’s been tried. I guess that’s the whole thrill. Since I have a hard time doing things halfheartedly,  I put all of myself into the thing at hand. Which is usually more than a few things at hand. ”Like butter spread out over too much bread”, as Bilbo Baggins would say

That’s another challenge I have. I think so many things are fun, so I try to do as many as I possibly can.
Until the energy runs out.
And there’s no time to process or remember experiences.

I think it’s the changes between activity and recovery that is tricky. Somehow the mind doesn’t keep up with quick turns. You’d want to be able to do things quickly, effectively – without being stressed. Then go into total recovery and peacefulness within a minute. That’s a challenge.

Right now I’m juggling speaking-jobs, training, a book realease and a upcoming expedition. I’m trying to find a balance as well as optimizing my recovery between challenges. Usually, as long as I stick to my yoga and meditation routine all is fine. When it starts to break is when I do so many things I don’t have time for yoga anymore. There must always be time for yoga. That’s where my body and mind connects. My mind gets stronger if I train my body, and my body feels better when my mind is at peace. Maybe that’s my next limit to push; how well balanced can I be? ;-)

With this post I also changed the design and name of the blog. It’s no longer called deep everest, as that’s not really only what my adventures are about anymore. What do you think about the new design?

4 kommentarer på “What it’s like to always push the limits, and the importance of yoga

  1. I’m glad you don’t say no to a challenge because in accepting each one you show us all how richly life can be lived.
    The way I see it is that Life, for us all, is continuously expanding. It’s our job to keep up with that expansion. You’re doing just that by allowing the fresh and new.
    The yoga maintains the balance. Balance is you at your edge; not lagging behind it, nor going beyond it. Graceful and poised, as you have so often shown us through your fabulous adventures.
    Love the new design! Especially the pink!

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