How freediving and new records will make you smile

You have to dive deep. There’s no other way to get that smile on your face. What’s deep? it’s up to you. Whatever you think is deep will make you smile when you get there. The thing is: You have to be brave, you have to face the depth and yourself to get there, you have to be determined.

Something will happen during the minutes you dive. A few minutes in normal life might not make any big difference, but during freediving every second of every minute is important. Afterwards those seconds will feel like a few weeks worth of experience.

You will have a smile on your face because you saw something down there. Something you can not see on youtube. You will learn something from every dive. And if you managed to get it all together, during a competition with nervousness, increased heart-rate, no sleep, countdowns and presence of judges, you will have a very special experience. You will feel more alive than ever.

We sit by the sea on a small cafe and I can see that smile on everyone’s faces. Doesn’t matter if we dived 30m or 90m, as long as we overcame ourselves.

It might seem like freediving is a solitary sport. When you are down there you are utterly alone. But without friends, coaches and a good organization/center in your back it wouldn’t work. Big and many thanks to freedive dahab and everyone who helped and supported me!

Here’s the swedish press release message: (contact them for hig-res images and more info)

And here’s an awesome press-image from my dive to 90m by Jacques de Vos

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