In the middle of living differently

It’s what most people would call a culture shock. 24 hours ago I was a hippie, walking underneath a hot sun on a dirty road following some goats, avoiding to step in their feces with my worn flip flops. I had just come back from a training session of a 85m freedive and could still feel the dive in my body, a soft humming memory.

I didn’t have to pack before traveling, because there was nothing to bring but my laptop. I flew the now very familiar route of Sharm el Sheik – Istanbul – Gothenburg, flowing through airports I know by heart. In another 12 hours I wear long sleeved clothes, socks, real shoes and make-up, standing alone on a stage in front of hundreds of people. I remember being alone at depth not long ago, but without an audience. I talk about being alone at depth, adventures and motivation, breathing, happiness, about really living. I talk about not limiting oneself to beliefs and fears.

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience life in the way they have been told to”
- Alan Knightley

I think it’s about making conscious choices on how to live.

For me this is normal. It’s how I chose to live. I only remember it’s different when I meet others living differently. This has been my last 6 months. 3-4 weeks of adventures, book writing and freediving life in Dahab in Egypt followed by some 2 weeks of speaking assignments, business meetings and planning. Two different lives experienced by the same person. It fits me extremely well because I love contrasts. It’s all adventures. That’s what I think about one evening after a talk for the costumers of Carnegie investment bank. I sit in the back amongst 4 men in expensive suits. Every now and then they open their Iphones to check some stock market. I guess the stock market is an adventure too.

I think an adventure is about being open and embracing whatever happens. No judgements, no expectations. It makes life interesting.

14 trains, 6 buses, 7 taxi rides and 12 flights for doing 13 motivational speeches in 11 days. It becomes blurry and I often wake up not knowing where I am. Downside is I only had time to meet 3 friends and 3 family members. Sorry friends.
It might sound glamorous to live an adventurous life, but there’s lots of uncomfortable situations, lack of safeness, time for friends and sleep. That I don’t mind. If it’s worth it? It’s even better than doing world records or summit mountains. If only one person in each audience makes a change of difference in life it’s worth it. In a Q&A session the other day someone asked me when I’m the most happy. And that’s the answer. Sharing with others.

I hope I will always be in the middle of living differently. Here’s some contrasts. (I also faced my fear of people in suits :-)


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