In good company – in the company of risk takers

It’s something about the look in their eyes. I think you might know what it looks like. It’s deep, full of energy and drive. But it’s also confident, secure and brave.

I know that look because I know what it feels like on the inside, having that look. I know it when we laugh together at the comment of us being crazy, but that it’s more fun to be crazy than normal. What we already have in common by just meeting in Dahab together is that we are risk takers. We live different lives in different countries, but we are still alike. We’re also here because we love the sea, spending time underneath the surface, which many considers another risk.

For some evolutionary reason risk takers has been looked down upon. It will always be more secure to not take risks. It will increase the chance of survival. But then, do you want to just survive, or truly live?

On the other hand, all kind of progress is about risk taking. About doing something different.
So I think evolution is also about progress.

When we are in the midst of the change that risk taking brings, that’s when life is upgraded. That’s when you can actually feel the life running through the blood, hear things more clearly, bring all the colours out and take you to the edge of being human. It’s pure concentration. That’s when new thoughts appears and you meet new sides of yourself. That’s an adventure. It’s to live, but in a higher sense.

I know that it’s easy and comfortable to brush us aside as adrenaline junkies. But it’s not that easy. And it’s wrong. Freediving, for instance, is about as much adrenaline as yoga is. It’s the opposite of adrenaline.

Risk taking doesn’t have to be about doing dangerous things. (Don’t worry mother!)
Risk taking is about doing something new. Something you’ve never done before. It’s about taking the risk of failing, of seeing something in the eye, or of meeting yourself as you really are.

That’s why risk takers are humble. They have seen things and gotten to know themselves in ways not possible by choosing security. They are also great thinkers. You cannot take risks without thinking a lot,  why conversations with risk takers are usually extremely interesting. Generally they are also very happy people. Something that is actually scientific, according to this article in Psychology Today.

Remember, there’s a difference between being risky and reckless. I’m not wishing anyone to be jumping out of an airplane without a parachute or making stupid decisions. Risk taking is also about being aware of what can go wrong and prevent it.

A great help to start being more brave in life is to surround yourself with good company. People that are flexible, open minded, risk takers, inspiring. I’m sure they will let you in. :)

Leadership Guru Robin Sharma says it best in his ”Rules For Being Amazing”

”Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be strong. Show courage. Breathe. Excel. Love. Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. Adore mastery. Release mediocrity. Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than expected. Deliver more than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others by your bigness . Dream big but start small. Act now. Don’t stop. ”

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  1. Greatly written! Really enjoy your written words Annelie.

    It´s about getting past the “machostyle”, the ego, exploring yourself. Trying to evolve.

    “The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” – John Ruskin

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