An ode to a freediving coach and freediving friends

Before, I’ve always considered myself a bit of a loner. Since I cannot freedive alone, I’ve changed during the years. Diving deep is a team effort. But several times during the training and attempts, when the whole team was gathered I looked around with wonder and quietly wondered what everyone was doing here, and why. All because of my world-record attempt?

I’m so grateful to you. I’m so grateful for your sharing the love of the sea and depth with me. I’m so grateful for your taking your time to support and believe in me. I think you know I was totally dependent on you and your hard caring work. Sebastian, Max, Orio, Andrea, Linda, Tango, Emil, Jaques, Fred, Dan, Johan, Radoslav, Erika and everyone at Sharksbay Umbi diving village including of course mr. Umbi, Hosna, Sayyed, Ahmed, Alex and Beverley,

I’m especially grateful to freediving coach and main organizer, Sebastian Näslund. He’s a very special person. We are many that agree that life is much more exciting with Sebastian. He always says interesting things. He thinks a lot. He is very straight forward. Funny. And he is clever. Though he is great at seeing worst-case-scenarios and problems, it’s only to find a solution. The solutions are creative and innovative. He is a little bit like my childhood hero, McGyver. (For Swedish readers – check out this link about Sebastians book)

Me and Sebastian get along very well. Maybe because we both are doers. Once we say we’re going to do something – we do it. Maybe that’s why Sebastian has believed in me since when I took my first freediving course for him. He has pushed the right buttons and always been there to help me reach deeper. There has been times of tough dives where I, at the bottom have had thought of fear, only to be replaced by the thought of “Sebastian is up there – everything is going to be ok”. I trust him with my life. And he took all the responsibility of the record and my life upon him like no one else.

I didn’t feel any pressure from the team. I only felt inspiration to be in a group of special people who live different and extraordinary lifes. Ifelt true support. Belief. I so wanted to make the record as a thanks and proof of my gratefulness. But my body (ears) was’nt enough this time.

I’m sorry I didn’t make it this time. Next time, when I make the world record – you are all a major part of that record!
Again – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda from freedive Dahab has collected some photos here

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