How to make a freediving world record attempt

It might seem easy. You just hold your breath and plunge as deep as you possibly can. Return successfully to the surface, and if it’s deep enough you will have a world record.

I wish.

Training for, and organizing it is really more like a high altitude climbing expedition. About as many people, equipment, training routines, papers, officials and permits are involved as in climbing mt. Everest. As Everest has been climbed many times by many expeditions there’s at least a well known way how to do it. For freediving record attempts in the deepest disciplines there’s no travelled path to follow.  (yes, the text is in english because so few swedes do this). So as a small hep – if you ever want to attempt a freediving world record in variable weight or no limit, here’s my list in order of priority:

1. Support. I couldn’t do this alone. My performance is only going to be some 20% of a successful record. In the best of worlds you need someone like Sebastian Näslund and Andrea Zuccari (of newly started Freediving World center) to help organizing and handling the technicalities. You’d also need the help of a inventor Edvin in the north of Sweden (who is right now talking fuses with Sebastian). As well as great young freedving guys like Max Lindqvist and Orio Johansson to help  with all of the above and safety freediving. Making a world record is a team job. Having a supportive family, friends and boyfriend also really helps!

2. The right place (including the right people). For deep dives I need warm blue sea. Deep and without strong currents, big waves or boat traffic. It needs to be close to shore and close to a hyperbaric chamber with a doctor (Adel) who knows how to treat you if something goes wrong.
The place needs to have great people (Umbi, Hosna, Ahmed) who really understands what you are doing, and who truly wants to help. Preferrably a man called Sayyed who bends over backwards to fix the permit from government/police/lots of other officials to be allowed to dive. And two wonderful English ladies (Alex and Beverley) who helps with all things diving and accommodation. The place is called Sharksbay Umbi diving village.

3. A body an mind prepared for depth. There’s endless details to a deep freedive. Your body needs to be in a top-shape, with great oxygen uptake, ability for long breath holds, strength and flexibility. You need a prefect balance in between training, rest and nutrition. You need to perfect your equalizing skills an make sure your lungs are well prepared for the pressure by lung stretching both outwards and inwards. Freediving is not a intellectual sport. Deep freediving is about the most mentally challenging thing you can do, and your mind is as important as your body. Prepare with yoga, meditation and why not sports hypnosis by one of the best, Ulf Dextegen.

4. Funds for all of the above. Find great and supporting sponsors, win the lottery, be rich or start saving right away.

I know the record attemps hasn’t even started. But it’s so much work to do before. And it’s thanks to all of above and below it’s even possible. You guys are the best!!!

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  3. Go fro it girl! i wish you all the best! doing it or not doing it….just trying makes you a winner! enjoy! Love and light from Bali

  4. Annelie!!i wish you all the best!!a very big huge from Sweden ;))

  5. Sincerely wishing you safety and HUGE SUCCESS on your attempts :-) We are sending you luck from Austin, TX. Blow the sea a kiss from me when you go past 160m!!!

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