Ode to travelling

On the topics of ode’s (see previous blog topic below), I want to dedicate a love letter to travelling.
Because I love travelling. It’s my favorite addiction before all others. It even beats physical training, hanging around in the sea, being halfway up a mountain and eating salty liquorice. I’m loyal and constant in my love for travel. It doesn’t matter if travelling doesn’t love me back all the time. It makes me sleep at uncomfortable and weird places, makes me miss planes, buses and trains, makes me stomach sick or doesn’t care about fulfilling my expectations – I don’t care.  I love it all the same and I’ll never stop travelling, as long as there’s places on earth I haven’t been.

I never sleep during the process of travelling. I watch as many movies as I can on the inflight entertainment system, I think, I solve sodokus in the middle of the night, and I think a little more. And I read books. (Reading books is well up with travelling in the top of my ”love-to-do-list”).

Travelling itself is like a calm space of reflection. I never think as good as during travels. It’s strange how peace can present itself during a flow. Maybe because travelling is a in between-ness. Being in between places, countries and experiences leaves a room for just that.

Reflection is also the theme of what’s good to do before the new year. You’re supposed to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Personally I think new years is overrated. The 1’st of January is no different from the 31’st of December. It’s just made up meanings we’ve put on numbers and days. So as for new years resolutions  – if you want to make something happen, it’s better to start tomorrow, or the next hour, than a beginning of a year as it happens so seldom.
Nevertheless, I wish you all a wonderful new years eve and a even better start of the next year! Big hugs from Doha airport

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