Memories of my deepest dive

“I did it!” was the first words I screamed after breathing. But before that the memories of the dive are blurry and consist mostly of small bits and pieces. I remember falling deeper and faster into a soft dark blue colour. I remember relaxing more the deeper I went, listening to my ears and to the sea. At the very bottom of the dive I glinted part of the bottom of the Red sea behind my goggles. I remember the pressure of tons of water on my ribcage, as if the sea gave me a great big hug before I started the return to the surface.

The swim towards the surface took an eternity and two minutes. By this time my memories are so blurry and by then affected by nitrogen narcosis, so I don’t trust them anymore. I vaguely remember something about having a good monofin technique, seeing the dark blue colour turning lighter and lighter. I remember the dark shape of a safety freediver somewhere at 25m, but I couldn’t see his face. I remember concentrating as the surface came closer. I remember my first breath. I remember a white card from the judge. I remember the rush of happiness.

I’m still walking around with a ridiculously silly smile on my face! 126m! It’s a world record and the first Swedish deep freediving record in history! I guess it’s still a bit unreal.

The more I freedive the more I realise it’s not as much a individual sport as it looks like. It sure is “lonely” at 126m, but to make it all happen there has to be organization and safety and the economy to pull it all through. Thank you Fishermans Friend (I ate them before every dive!) and Tierra (love next years pink dress with Everest pattern) for the support – I couldn’t have done this without you. Big thanks also to organizer Only One apena center for a great job, the judges, saftery divers from Tekstreme. Greatest of thanks to coach Sebastian from, you are irreplaceable. Also thanks to Olympus for unbreakable underwater cameras, to Great sports for the best nutritional supplements. And last but absolutely not least my family, boyfriend and friends for all support and cheering along the way.

I encourage everyone to keep thinking about those who are in so much more difficulties than we are (especially me, who is so happy :-) – and donate funds to to help those in need in Pakistan.

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