Unreal 120m

It’s unreal. I’ve been to 120m depth. It was a few days ago now, and it’s still unreal. What’s more real was the happiness, and the lung squeeze that came with the dive. There was a terrible wheezing and murmuring from the lungs afterwards. Taking deep breaths was out of the question. After 10 minutes deco on pure oxygen I felt better. But my oxygen delivery was not back until the next day. I had the same saturation as last time on 6500m altitude, and walking around felt just like then.

But my lungs recovered fast and the day after I was more or less back to normal. I had two days of “rest” and only coaching other freedivers and photographing fish and friends.

A fellow freediver enjoying Ras muhammed national park

I’ve made a new fish friend by the dive centre. Before the deep dive she was waiting for me by the warm-up lines. She even followed me down the line during the first dive, looking curiously at my silver monofin. We had eye contact while I was doing a breathhold on 15m. “She” is a huge barracuda of 1m length. Barracudas are known for their large size and fearsome appearance. It’s said that they can mistake snorkellers for large predators and follow them in hopes of eating remains of their prey. I hope that’s not the case here.

The barracuda (it's bigger than it looks!)

The next three days I’m going to compete in one of the world’s most fun freediving competitions, Triple Depth. You compete in three of the depth disciplines; Free immersion (pulling yourself down and up by the competition line), Constant weight (Swimming down and up by the line with fins/monofin) and Constant weight no fins (Swimming down and up by the line without fins). I’ll do the first two disciplines and maybe take a day off the last day in order to prepare for the world record attempt some days later. I hope to make another dive in the 120m range before the attempt.

Relaxing on the bottom of the sea

Thomas and clown fish

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