Flow and freedom gets me deeper

I’m in a flow. I’m one with the sea, flowing with the water, and training has never been so good before. I dive deeper and deeper and it’s still easy. I think I know why. It’s not because my perfect training or my perfect equipment. It’s because I’ve let go. I feel free. And freediving is really about the mind. About controlling the mind and your thoughts. The mind needs to be free and tranquil in order to dive deep.

I think freedom comes from letting go. It doesn’t come from acquiring more stuff, more money or more ego. I’ve let go of my ego striving and “greed” for depth. I’ve let go of numbers and wanting. I’m just diving and relaxing, and this has taken all the stress away.

It’s also helpful to be surrounded by nice and relaxed people, and living with 4 Swedish/Danish freedivers is just that. We talk, eat, dream about and live freediving, with a few breaks for “normal” life. The little house is crowded with wetsuits, masks, monofins and special gear and food.

I’m diving with them and one of the world’s few freediving centers, Only One in Sharm el Sheik. Thanks to sponsors we can organize the training in a much better way. I’m so grateful!

After three days of hard and deep training we had a day of “rest”. We went to Dahab, where I used to live for almost 3 years freediving seasons. I hadn’t been there for almost 2 years. It was a trip of memories. We went to Blue hole, where I had some of my deepest dives, where I had some of my great disappointments and greatest moments of happiness. It was a great joy to share this with one of my bestest friends, Hanli. She’s also my favourite underwater photo model, so we played around with my Olympus camera. Here’s what we got.

freedivers holding their breath in the pool outside our house

this is happiness

Fish friend Hanli freefalling with monofin

who looks most graceful?

Typical view in Dahab

Coach/friend Sebastian has made an facebook-event out of the record attempt. You can find updates here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143597899009673&ref=ts

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