Help me help Wateraid during my freediving attempt!

We usually take water for granted. It’s just coming out of the tap and most of us don’t really consider this amazing luxury. I love water, both for drinking and by being completely surrounded by only water. During my travels I’ve gotten another appreciation for water. In the mountains we have to melt snow to get some, and here in Egypt we have to buy it all bottled. Having clean drinking water is a absolute nessecity for being able to live. Why in Pakistan this is one of their main problems. They are being flooded with water, but none clean enough to drink.

I want to encourage you to keep helping the hard-hit and poor Pakistani people! There’s still a disaster going on there even if the media has stopped reporting about it.

My goal is to collect at least 10 Euro/100 Skr per meter I’m diving during my record!

In Sweden you can help by sending an SMS to 72900 and donate 50 kronors. It’s only two coffes or a couple worth of snacks at the supermarket..

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