The flight of the monofin

Everywhere I go, people are staring. But not at me.“What is it?” I hear whispers all around me at the airport. People make room and follow my carry-on with their eyes. My monofin only every gets so much attention from fish in the sea. Next time I fly I might put a sticker named “monofin” on it, just to cure curiosity.

I’m on international grounds and switching to English. Not only because it’s more fair to all my English speaking friends, but because I must admit that I prefer writing in English. There’s so many more words to choose from, so many subtle words you could never find in the Swedish language. (Like the word “subtle”, there’s no good word to describe that subtly.)

I have this thing about photos and photography. For me to finish a period of time or life I need to sort out the photos from that period. It’s like un-packing the backpack from a trip. It gives it a finite end. You remember the clothes you wore, sense the smells from that certain place, and finish it by washing it all away or packing it back into your drawers.

I browse through the photos and memories and sort them out. Only to realise I don’t take photos for memories any longer. Photography has become so much more for me.

Finishing up the Swedish summer and being on way to the Red sea for a few weeks, I want to share some of my favourite photos from this summer. It’s been a especially photogenic summer because I’ve had the joy to take a photos with the great Olympus PEN EP-L1 camera and it’s underwater housing. I look forward to what me and the camera will see in the Red sea!

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